If you're leaning forward on a high back, do you have a gap like this?

When you lean forward using the forward lean on the highback, a gap appears between the heel cup and the highback. What do you do about this gap?

Did you know that the ride feel can change dramatically depending on how you adjust the gap between the highback and heel cup ?

[Difference in ride feel due to gap adjustment]

■ Large gap

Even though the gap between the highback and the heel cup remains large, there is still forward lean, which improves response when turning, but since the highback itself tends to twist left and right around the forward lean axis, this is intended for those who want improved response in the toe and heel directions while also looking for a wider range of side-to-side movement .

■ Small gap

On the other hand, if you are looking for even more response, we recommend a setting that minimizes the gap between the highback and heel cup .

The smaller the gap, the less the highback will twist side to side, resulting in less loss of force.

When force is applied to the highback during a backside turn, the force is transferred more efficiently to the heel cup and edges, allowing for more powerful turns .

Both have advantages and disadvantages, but the function used to fill this gap is called a microadjuster .

The micro adjuster is a function that allows you to shift the highback itself towards the heel cup, even on highbacks that do not actually have a forward lean adjuster, so that the highback hits the heel cup and leans forward. By using this function to lean forward with the forward lean adjuster, you can then adjust the gap between the heel cup and the highback by shifting it backward with the micro adjuster .

The adjustment procedure is here.

1. First, adjust the forward lean adjuster on the highback to your desired position.

②Next, loosen the highback mounting screws but not enough to come off.

③The highback will move back and forth according to the scale on the inside of the highback, adjusting the gap between the highback and the heel cup.

④ When adjusting step ③, it is easier to keep the highback upright, but if you have rotation , we recommend adjusting it with the highback laid down .

This completes the adjustment. Now it's time to try it out and find the settings you like.
Of course, it's not necessarily best to have equal balance between the left and right sides, and it also depends on which foot you use primarily.


Finding the optimal setting takes time and effort , but it is also an important point in bringing out the best in the binding and improving your skiing , so be sure to try out different settings to find one that suits you.

Also, if you don't know how to set it up or what is best for you, please ask the store where you purchased it or the staff at the FLUX booth at the test ride events held around the country. We will be happy to help you find a good setting.


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