2024-2025 Women's Lineup

FLUX's women's line will be completely revamped from the 2024-2025 season.

There were originally two models available, GX and GS, but the base plates have been completely redesigned and they are now called XF WOMENS and DS WOMENS.

In addition, the SR has been added to the lineup as a new women's model, the SR WOMENS.

【Change of Name】




An XS size has been added to each collection, and for women there will be three sizes available: XS, S, and M.

[ Boots compatibility guide ]

XS: 21cm to 23.5cm

S: 23cm to 25.5cm

M: 26cm - 27.5cm

2024-2025 Lineup List

We will introduce each model below.



Size: XS, S, M

Price: 49,500 yen (tax included)


Explosive speed and power at your fingertips.

It achieves both improved response and lighter movement. While maintaining the same base design that prioritizes efficient power transmission to the board, it now features a large stabilizer on the heel side.

By using a material with excellent resilience, you can expand your range of motion to the left and right while transmitting power to the board without losing it.

In addition, the Boost FootOn+ is 4mm higher than a regular footbed and has a softer center, which creates a concave shape when you step down, allowing for more powerful edging.


Size: XS, S, M

Price: 48,400 yen (tax included)


Powder, terrain and style .

This is the new standard model for freeriding from FLUX, reborn with a completely new base plate.

On the outside is a large, bouncy stabilizer that efficiently transmits power when carving and has excellent recovery capabilities.

The inside is designed to prioritize ease of movement, with soft, small stabilizers allowing the knees to be tucked inward and making fine movements when tree running.

This asymmetrical structure makes this binding perfect for a perfect day out, where you can spend the morning hunting for powder, and then enjoy playing with the terrain and carving when it's gone.


Size: XS, S, M

Price: 47,300 yen (tax included)


All in one device.

An all-purpose model suitable for all conditions.

The toe side, which is less likely to transfer force, features a wide base plate that prioritizes efficient transfer of force to the board, while the heel side, which requires flexible movement for ease of play, has a highly cushioned and resilient stabilizer that expands the range of motion.

This combination not only provides maneuverability and stability for jibs and freestyle tricks, but also enables quicker casting.

The season is coming to an end, but snow has started to fall again and test drives and exhibitions are still being held all over the country.

Please try the new FLUX.

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