Japan's brand identity for the world

FLUX was born from the concept of "the best binding that fits Japanese feet" and is currently available in over 25 countries around the world. As FLUX is promoted around the world, in order to strengthen its identity as a JAPAN brand and to further develop as a brand with over 30 years of history, it has given this role to its core models, the binding "DS" and the snowboard "D2".

So why a dragon?

In conjunction with the rebranding and change of the brand logo, FLUX drew a dragon as a symbol of wishing for the fulfillment of great wishes. The dragon represents the meaning that "a carp that successfully passed the gateway to success transformed into a dragon god." Although it is not widely known, in Japan, the rising dragon has long been considered an auspicious symbol that is the transformation of a carp.


Painter/designer born in 1979. Lives in Tokyo.

He started painting on his own in 2002, and began working as an artist in earnest in 2007.

Since then, he has created works using various techniques with the speed and artistic skill of improvisation, and has worked on a wide range of music-related design work, such as CD/LP jackets, flyers, and posters for various artists regardless of genre, and has also collaborated widely, providing illustrations for apparel, companies, and magazines, and working on opening videos for TV programs. He continues to paint energetically, traveling around Japan and abroad to create murals, hold solo exhibitions, and hold live paintings, enjoying meeting people. In 2017, he celebrated his 10th anniversary and published his first collection of works, "ten.". He is currently working to reach even greater heights.

-What do you think is the most important thing in design?

I place importance on impact and balance. I strive to create designs that will stay in people's minds.

-What is your usual source of inspiration for your designs?

Images come to me when I listen to music, and they can also come from little things in my everyday life.

-What was the most fun part of this design process? And what was the most difficult part?

I tried to draw it with a Japanese feel in mind, while still making sure it left an impact. It was fun to draw a theme that I don't usually draw.

It was difficult to strike a balance to incorporate into the product.

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