This is the best boot ever made by FLUX.

23-24 Flax Boots

Have you heard of the term "boot refugees"?

If you're a snowboarder, you may have heard this term before. It refers to people who have trouble finding boots that fit them because there are few sizes and shapes that fit Japanese feet. Snowboard boots made overseas are often wide or have high insteps, and do not fit Japanese feet. We developed FLUX boots with the desire to help such boot refugees.

FLUX boots are designed to fit the shape of Japanese feet, providing a comfortable fit and high performance. They also work perfectly with bindings. This year in particular, we have changed our factory and reviewed the fitting, and we are proud to say that we have created the best boots in FLUX history. Please come to our store and try them out to experience the charm of FLUX boots.


FLUX boots are designed to create a sense of unity between your body and your gear.

We focus on two elements to ensure the optimal connection between the rider's body and their gear:

① Fitting

② Matching

The fitting enhances the rider's sense of unity with the rider's body by adjusting comfort, size, and tightness such as BOA, and the comfortable fit and stable hold reduce fatigue and improve performance.

The matching design takes into consideration the fit of the heel cup to the high back, the comfort of the straps, and the compatibility with the bindings, allowing you to feel one with your gear. The good response and high operability allow you to ski the way you want.

・New factory

The biggest topic for FLUX boots this season is the revised sizing and the move to a new factory.

Behind the completion of this season's best ever boots, which we can proudly call FLUX, lies our search for the ideal factory, which offers the same quality as our bindings . This factory has the equipment and technology to reproduce the comfortable fit that we intended for our foot shape, and the durability to maintain that fit. We reviewed the size and materials from scratch, and created a boot of quality that is worthy of the FLUX name.


The size is half a size larger than last year's model. Rather than simply making it larger, we have fine-tuned the thickness of each part of the inner layer.

This allows us to achieve a better balance between a secure fit in areas where flexibility is required.

The specific modifications are as follows:

Inner comfort

The higher-end models, OM-BOA, TX-BOA, and HB-BOA, have been redesigned to improve the comfort of the inner material.

It is important that snowboard boots fit your feet perfectly. Boots that do not fit your feet increase the risk of losing balance or feeling pain while skiing. In addition, comfort as well as size affect performance.

However, snowboard boots are often made from less breathable materials in order to provide better insulation and waterproofing.

As a result, moisture can easily build up inside your boots, which can lead to unpleasant odors and bacterial growth.
The closer the boots are to your feet, the less space there is, making them more likely to become steamy inside.

To address this issue, we have introduced innovative materials into the inner lining.

This material is highly insulating and waterproof, yet also highly breathable and moisture wicking.

This helps maintain a comfortable environment inside the boots.

①F GRID Liner

This material combines heat retention and breathability like outdoor wear.

The three-dimensional grid structure creates a layer of air next to the skin, retaining warmth while quickly absorbing and diffusing moisture, keeping the inside of the boots comfortable.


By supporting the cuboid bone, the natural movement of the foot is not hindered, allowing for maximum athletic function.

③F DRY Liner

F DRY Liner is a deodorizing and antibacterial material made from washi paper that has excellent water absorption and keeps you dry. F DRY Liner has the following three excellent features.

Water absorption and dry feeling

General synthetic fiber innerwear often becomes stuffy and uncomfortable after riding, but the material used in F DRY INNER relieves you from that discomfort. This material, made from washi paper, is absorbent and dry, maintaining a comfortable environment inside the boots.

Low thermal conductivity

Different substances have different rates of heat transfer. This is called thermal conductivity. For example, hot water has high thermal conductivity, so if you get into 90 degree water you will get burned. However, air has low thermal conductivity, so you will be fine even if you go into a 90 degree sauna. Just like air, washi paper has low thermal conductivity. It is much lower than synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon (less than half that of polyester, 1/6 that of nylon, 1/9 that of cotton, and 1/6 that of wool), which is why washi paper is such a warm and comfortable material.

Deodorizing and antibacterial

Washi fiber coexists with a variety of microorganisms that exist in nature. As a result, washi fiber has many pores that regulate humidity and temperature, absorb harmful substances and odors in the air, and have antibacterial properties. In this way, washi fiber functions as a natural air conditioner and air purifier, contributing to human health and comfort.

Matching a binding

The design of the board takes into consideration the fit of the heel cup and high back, the comfort of the straps, and the compatibility with the bindings, allowing you to feel one with your gear. The board's excellent response and ease of use allow you to ski just the way you want.

The side wings enhance the sense of unity with the highback, taking your ollie bounce and pressing stability to the next level. (HB-BOA)

For optimal connection between your body and gear



To get a feel for the difference, please try on the boots and bindings in store.

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