After riding in Hokkaido, FREE FOOT seems to have further evolved.

Hokkaido, the northern land that is sought after by powder lovers from all over the world.

This is the second installment of "EZO POWDER," which features FLUX riders who are obsessed with the charms of Hokkaido's superb powder. This time, we talk to Dekacho (aka DKC), Naohiro Yoshida, who has been a rider since the launch of FLUX and is also the organizer of FLUX, and Yusuke Mino, who joined FLUX last year, about their choice of equipment and settings. We asked them about their riding styles, settings that suit Hokkaido's terrain, and what kind of boards they pair with.

In particular, his story about using the much talked about FREE FOOT binding "FF" in Hokkaido for a year is a must-read. He talks about not only how to ride and feel the FF, but also explores new possibilities for the future.


Naohiro Yoshida DKC

He has been a rider since the launch of FLUX, and this year marks his 30th year. He is also active as a graphic designer, and has worked on many snowboard-related graphics. He knows the snow in Hokkaido inside and out, and with that experience, he has participated in the development of SR. He has already started tinkering with the FREEFOOOT, which he has been riding since last year.

Yusuke Mino

He joined FLUX last season. While maintaining the same style he showed at CARDANCHI, he is currently active as a woodworking artist. He has also moved to ARBOR snowboarding and seems to be more immersed in the world of wood. In this video, he shares valuable stories that he has gained from riding for a year, such as which boards to pair with FREEFOOT and how to ride them.

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