FLUX Free Foot Meeting @Okutadami Ski Resort

With the arrival of spring, the appeal of the snowy mountains changes completely.

At the end of April, we held our first surf ride meeting in two years at Okutadami Ski Resort. Professional snowboarders and surfers participated in the meeting and discussed the development of new snowboard bindings.

The participants were Yusuke Toyoma (left, Deus) and Rei Igarashi (right, Gentem), two of Japan's leading freestylers who had just returned from the FWT (Freeride World Tour).

Left) TAPPY Yoshikawa Takuya, a world-renowned board builder who devotes his busy schedule to the mountains, the ocean, and design.
Right) Katsunori Ito, professional surfer and president of alternative surfboard brand Medium

Left) Tomohide Inoue (Gentem), who rushed over from the backcountry area of ​​western Japan
Right) Yosuke Nishida (TJ), a pro snowboarder and legend who has long led the Japanese snowboarding scene

What is FREE FOOT binding?
This revolutionary binding made surf-style snowboarding possible.
The combination of the wave riding techniques honed by professional surfers and the knowledge gained from professional snowboarders' experience on snowy mountains has produced amazing results.

The characteristic of this binding is the balance between flexibility and board flex that does not hinder it. With normal snowboard bindings, you are required to operate in a fixed position, but with this binding, you can move your feet freely like on a surfboard.
This opens up new possibilities in snowboard riding.
The Flux development team used special materials in the base and highback of the binding to increase flexibility.
In addition, the disc plate, made from a special material, also has a shock absorbing function, ensuring a smooth ride in powder conditions.

In addition, when designing the bindings, we took into consideration the opinions of world-renowned board builder TAPPY and snowboarder Toyoma Yusuke, and created several prototype models.

Professional snowboarders test-ran the bindings on the mountain and provided feedback, which the development team used to make continuous improvements to create the final binding.
With the arrival of this new binding, you can now enjoy surf riding with freedom and style.

This binding, which incorporates elements of surf style, goes beyond the boundaries of snowboarding, opening up new possibilities for expression.

The development of this binding also symbolizes the fusion of snowboarding and surfing. This innovative technology, born from the collaboration between professional snowboarders and surfers, will promote the exchange of different sports cultures and lead to the development of creative ideas and technologies.

FLUX Free Foot Meeting
"FREE FOOT Meeting" is one of the planning and development events held by snowboard manufacturer FLUX. In addition to FF, which was developed with the concept of enjoying snow in a surfing style, this is a meeting place where information is exchanged about FLUX's unique product development and technology, riding sessions, etc. Participants include snowboard and surfing related companies and organizations, professional surfers, amateur surfers, etc.

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