How would you play with this toy?

Surfing and snowboarding use the same sideway stance, but can you enjoy using your body freely on the snow like you would in surfing?

FREEFOOT "FF" was born from repeated prototyping by world-renowned surfboard builder TAPPY (aka Takuya Yoshikawa), professional surfers including Katsunori Ito and Akira Shindo, and Flux professional snowboarders including Yusuke Toyoma and Tomohide Inoue.

This time, Toyoma Yusuke will be sharing the charm of this bike along with his riding.


Yusuke Toyoma

The FREEFOOT binding matches Yusuke's natural, relaxed, surf-like style and further expands his range of expression.
Break away from your usual style and try a new style of skating!

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