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Information on exhibitions and test rides


24-25 Carmate New Product Exhibition

2024.1.23(Tue)10:00 - 18:00

2024.1.24(Wed)10:00 - 17:00

Tokyo Stationery Kyowa Forum 6F

Kyowa Forum, 1-2-10 Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0052

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Test-ride event

We will be holding a test ride event for the 24-25 season models as follows:

We hope you will take this opportunity to experience the new product's features and use them to increase your sales.

Each store will provide lift tickets to one person.

If you are attending with more than two people (including accompanying guests), please prepare your own tickets.

It will also be open to the general public.

Please reach out to your customers and use this as an opportunity to make reservations.


Event area

Hokkaido | Tohoku | Kanto/Koshinetsu | Chubu/Hokuriku | Chugoku


Kiroro Resort

2024.1.30(Tue)9:00 - 15:00

2024.1.31(Wed)9:00 - 15:00

2024.2.1(Thu)9:00 - 15:00

Mountain Center 2F

Tokiwa, Akaigawa Village, Yoichi District, Hokkaido 046-0571

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Geto Kogen Ski Resort

2024.2.3 (Sat) 9:00 - 15:00

In front of the center house

〒024-0322 Iwasaki Shinden National Forest, Waga-cho, Kitakami-shi, Iwate Prefecture

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Spring Valley Sendai Izumi Ski Resort

2024.2.4(Sun)9:00 - 15:00

In front of the center house

14-2, Fukuoka Dakeyama, Izumi Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, 981-3225

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Miyagi Zao Eboshi Resort

2024.2.5(Mon)9:00 - 15:00

In front of the center house

〒989-0916 Miyagi Prefecture, Katta-gun, Zao-machi, Togatta Onsen

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Hoshino Resorts Nekoma Mountain

2024.2.6(Tue)9:00 - 15:00

South Area (Formerly Alts Bandai)

In front of the center house

6838-68, Kiyomizu-daira, Sarashina, Bandai-machi, Yama-gun, Fukushima Prefecture, 969-3302

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Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort

2024.2.10(Sat)9:00 - 15:00

2024.2.11(Sun)9:00 - 15:00

Gondola at the top of the mountain

2024.2.13(Tue)9:00 - 15:00

2024.2.14(Wed)9:00 - 15:00

Next to the gondola station

12056 Hokujo, Hakuba Village, Kitaazumi District, Nagano Prefecture, 399-9301

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Kawaba Ski Resort

2024.2.15(Thu)9:00 - 15:00

2024.2.16(Fri)9:00 - 15:00

2024.2.17(Sat)9:00 - 15:00

2024.2.18(Sun)9:00 - 15:00

Kawaba City 8F

2755-2 Yachi, Kawaba Village, Tone District, Gunma Prefecture, 378-0101

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Hakusan Ichirino Onsen Ski Resort

2024.1.27(Sat)9:00 - 15:00

In front of the center house

63 Ozoe, Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture, 920-2333

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Tateyama Ski Resort Gokurakuzaka Area

2024.1.28(Sun)9:00 - 15:00

In front of the center house

55 Hara, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, 〒930-1454

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Hida Honokidaira Ski Resort

2024.1.29(Mon)9:00 - 15:00

In front of the center house

447, Nyukawa-cho, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, 506-2252

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White Pier Takasu

2024.1.30(Tue)9:00 - 15:00

2024.1.31(Wed)9:00 - 15:00

In front of the center house

512 Sumi, Takasu-cho, Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture, 501-5302

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Utopia Saioto

2024.2.9(Fri)9:00 - 15:00

In front of the center house

〒731-2314 144 Sai Otsu, Kitahiroshima-cho, Yamagata-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture

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Osorakan Snow Park

2024.2.12(Mon)9:00 - 15:00

In front of the center house

740-1 Yokokawa, Akiota-cho, Yamagata-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture, 731-3801

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