FLUX × KAWABA Photo Contest


Opening in 2023 - End of March 2024

way to participate

Just follow both FLUX and Kawaba on Instagram and post with the hashtag #FLUXKAWABAPHOTO.

Follow the official FLUX Instagram account
Follow Kawaba Ski Resort's official Instagram account

Application requirements

The photo must have been taken on the snowy mountain at Kawaba Ski Resort this season. Anything is OK, such as riding shots, commemorative photos with friends or loved ones, etc. 

If you have FLUX gear or the logo in the photo, you might have a better chance of winning a prize! 

Presentation Method

The winners will be announced on the FLUX Instagram and website in early April 2024. Winners will be notified via DM.

Eligible : Photos and videos taken at Kawaba Ski Resort that show the FLUX logo

Judging points : We are looking forward to receiving wonderful photos and videos of Kawaba Ski Resort with the FLUX logo. Photos and videos with the FLUX logo that are everywhere in the ski resort and your FLUX gear. If you use FLUX, this is your chance!

Target : Photos and videos taken at Kawaba Ski Resort

Judging point : It would be great if you could show the scenery, photo spots in the rest house, and people enjoying Kawaba Ski Resort!

Target : Photos and videos of riding at Kawaba Ski Resort

Judging points : We will judge in four categories. It doesn't matter if you're not good at it, as long as you can convey the atmosphere of having fun!